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Saturday 17 May 2008


0.27973866247252, 0.2837051080228

This was a Saturday geohash.


San Francisco (37, -122)

Wednesday 21 May 2008


 0.17946799469778313, 0.8615360124576236

The sport of Geohashing officially launched with the release of xkcd comic #426 on 21 May 2008.

Graticules with Expeditions[edit]

Blacksburg, Virginia -- The coordinates reside in a farm off of VA-42 near Dismal Falls.

Boston, Massachusetts -- The coordinates are in a wooded area to the south of Washington Street (Route 20) near Prospect Street in Auburn, MA. - 2008-05-21 42 -71

Carlisle, United Kingdom -- The coordinates are in the sands of Morecambe Bay, Lancashire. Closest safe location is a beach near a caravan park outside Silverdale.

Chicago, Illinois -- The coordinates are in a farm field to the northeast of Bourbonnais, IL

Houston, Texas -- The coordinates are at the center of the North face of a trapezoidal arrangement of trees, as far from major towns and highways as it is possible to get in this graticule

Los Angeles, California -- The coordinates are at the intersection of Thousand Oaks Blvd. and the southbound CA 23 offramp in Thousand Oaks, CA.

Portland, Oregon -- The coordinates are in a riparian zone near a farm, off of I-5, near Broadacres, OR.

Rochester, New York -- 2008-05-21 43 -77

San Jose, California -- The coordinates are in the mountains of Santa Cruz - 2008-05-21 37 -121

Seattle, Washington -- The coordinates are in the center of a large field at the southern tip of Hartstene Island, which is just north of Olympia.


User:xkcd will attempt to be the first to reach these coordinates in Boston.

User:zigdon will be heading to the coordinate in San Fransisco Eastern Bay area.

Thursday 22 May 2008


 0.972874275358 0.238696518558


Dayton, Ohio -- The coordinates lie in a field just north of the Dayton Airport.


Edinburgh, Scotland -- The coordinates are in a garden between Crewe Road West and Crewe Road North in Granton.

Lincoln, Nebraska - 2008-05-22 40 -96

Melbourne, Australia - The coordinates are just off the Monash Freeway, in the suburb that StJimmy lives in.

Minneapolis SW, Minnesota - 2008-05-22 44 -93

San Diego, California - 2008-05-22 32 -117 - The coordinates are just east of the road El Camino Real, south of the Del Mar Horse Park, on what appears to be private, undeveloped property.

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan - The coordinates are between highway 11 and the South Saskatchewan in the woods. There would be bears, ergo, we will try Friday's.

Seattle, Washington -- The coordinates are 2000ft offshore into Puget Sound, west of Everett, WA. The nearest land location is the end of Forest Park, which is accessible by Pigeon Creek Rd (N 47° 58' 12.77", W 122° 13' 48.78" or N 47.970215, W 122.230217)

Stoughton, Wisconsin -- the coordinates were near a road by Lake Kegonsa state park.

Vancouver area:

  • Vancouver, British Columbia - The coordinates are in a mountain range between Garibaldi and the Chuckchuck Reserve with no roads.
  • Victoria, British Columbia - The coordinates are in the Strait of George halfway along the Sidney-Tsawwassen ferry route. You could get very close to this geohash, in passing, using BC Ferries.
  • Bellingham, Washington - The coordinates are in a large field about 10 km south of Abbotsford and a bit east.

Friday 23 May 2008


 0.4002468981550087, 0.7227718731909889


2008-05-23 in Boston, Massachusetts graticule -- The coordinates in Boston are on the edge of a large, sandy region next to the Wachusett reservoir, which Randall may attempt to reach if only to figure out just what it is. Perhaps part of a tree farm?

2008-05-23 in Malone graticule -- Glub, glub, it's a scuba meeting for us.

2008-05-23 32 -117 in San Diego, California graticule -- Craig has no boat, no scuba license, and no underwater camera.

2008-05-23 in Ottawa graticule -- We claim this residential parking lot and backyard in the name of XKCD...about 4 blocks from the workplace. Video camera footage to appear on youtube soon.

2008-05-23 in Puerto Rico graticule -- Today's location is only 6 miles from the Arecibo Observatory!

2008-05-23 in Schaumburg, Illinois graticule -- Is in the front yard of an antiques store!

2008-05-23 in Tucson graticule -- Right in the middle of the catalina mountains. Interestingly though, the location happens to be right at the trail head of Palisade Trail on Organization Ridge, with paved road access ending right at it and apparent parking nearby as well. [1]

2008-05-23 Austin, Texas -- Reached by Sigma.

2008-05-23 Amsterdam, The Netherlands -- Reached by Niels.

2008-05-23 in Spokane, Washington graticule -- In a farmers cow pasture not far off Interstate 90.

Baltimore, Maryland - 2008-05-23 39 -76

Mansfield, Ohio - 2008-05-23 40 -82

Saturday 24 May 2008


0.1266480113970560, 0.5475331240942810

It was the first Saturday after the algorithm was published, and there was an xkcd meetup at 4:00pm in regions where the coordinates were reachable.


Photo Gallery[edit]

Sunday 25 May 2008


 0.941774852844, 0.18287359767


Photo Gallery[edit]

Monday 26 May 2008


 0.673128104319 0.6073080067

Note: These coordinates became known on Friday 23 May due to a Dow holiday (Memorial Day) on Monday 26 May.


  • Brussels, Belgium - The coordinates for Brussels, Leuven and Louvain-La-Neuve are almost within reach. They are on the Boulevard de Lauzelle (the N250 motorway) just outside of Louvain-La-Neuve. We could meet by the side of the road, or very close by in the Avenue Des Clos. An ideal moment of rest for university students with exams on the way.
  • Cleveland, Ohio - In the lake. Probably not a good place to meet, unless you want to win a Water Geohash award.
  • Connecticut - A PERFECT location: Rocky Hill/South Glastonbury. Take I-91 north from New Haven or south from Hartford; take Exit 23 to West. St; turn left @ Route 99/Main St.; right @ Glastonbury Ave. to the Ferry [YAY! There's a ferry, even!!!]; after crossing, you're on Ferry Ln./Route 160; continue to South Glastonbury Center and turn left on Route 17/Main St.; take 5th left onto Red Hill Dr. into a residential dead-end; turn left, proceed to cul-de-sac there; park. Official coordinates are for the backyard of the house directly ahead of you, but for the sake of being nice, I'll be at the cul-de-sac itself. The view from that spot should be amazing, and the ferry ride makes it all worthwhile. 4PM.
  • Copenhagen, Denmark - A great spot in the middle of Copenhagen, right across the water from Christiania. Unfortunately, it's in someone's house.
  • Glasgow, United Kingdom - A few yards off Lochlibo Road in Ayrshire, just north east of Kilwinning.
  • Hamburg, Germany - A (the only?) junction in the small village "Klevendeich".
  • London West, United Kingdom - Just a couple of minutes walk from Amersham Station, the last stop on the Metropolitan line. Just a bit of tube hopping for anyone with easy access to an Underground station and a Bank Holiday Monday to kill. Looks like it may be in a back garden however!
  • Manchester, United Kingdom - A field with a nearby wooded area north east of Chorley, probably accessible, maybe farmland.
  • Mansfield, Ohio Located just off a low-traffic country road outside Lexington. Good spot for a meetup.
  • Newark, New Jersey - Off Route 287 in Liberty Corner, New Jersey near UAga National Golf Course. Appears to be a wooded area.
  • New York City In (or on, I suppose) someone's house in Baldwin. (Map)
  • Oslo, Norway - Located on Oscarsborg Festning, an island fortress. A return ticket with the ferry from Drøbak is 70 kr.
  • Panama, Panama - Right in the middle of the sea... so, I wont go... not really planning on renting a boat today... but next time, we'll have a sailboat rental ready...
  • Providence, Rhode Island - A very quick hop off 95, to Route 3 North (Coventry), left on Harkney Hill, Right on Hill Farm. The map shows a tree jutting into the stream - that's it! Come join the busting of this graticule at 1pm!
    • I am going to attempt the 41, -71 graticule for Monday, May 26th, off Hill Farm Rd. in Coventry. Anyone in the RI area who has a boat - this might qualify for a Water Geohash. As I don't own a boat or possess levitation skills (necessary for Dagobah geohashing), I might be resigned to taking pictures from the very close land! Edit here if looking to meet up so times can be discussed (or is 4:00pm the default?). -Patrick
    • I'm attempting to find a way to get there at the moment, as I may not have access to transportation tomorrow. We (meaning anyone) can use my userpage to discuss any plans. --Yusuke 22:54, 25 May 2008 (UTC)-Yusuke
    • Victor Sorry man, wish I could. Work, ya know? Can you dig?
  • Richmond, Virginia - Directly on Shady Grove Road off of Pouncey Tract Road in northwest Henrico County.
  • Salinas, California - Within the city of Salinas, at the corner of Fern and Alisal streets (just N of the airport)
  • Santa Rosa, California - Inside Robert Louis Stevenson State Park, North of Calistoga. Looks like a hike, depending on where the park entrance is.
  • St. Louis, Missouri - Just west of the St. Louis Bandits Jr. A hockey arena, off of I-40, in Chesterfield, MO.
  • Sydney (West), Australia - A tree in the backyard of a house in Winmalee, near Penrith. There's a park nearby.
  • Toronto, Ontario - Right next to the runway at Pearson Airport. Unlikely to be accessible!
  • Trabuco Canyon, California - Located between Portola Hills and Trabuco Canyon, off of Live Oak Canyon Road.
  • Tucson, Arizona - Located in the middle of the normally dry San Pedro river with dirt road(possibly requiring 4WD) access near Mammoth and San Manuel. Considering recent storm activity, it may actually have flowing water in it, giving one of the few chances of getting the Water Geohash award in this graticule. Apparetly there is a ghost town called Copper Creek nearby to the east of Mammoth as well [5]
  • Vero Beach, Florida - In a farm land west of Vero beach. There is nothing close by, so if anyone else comes bring food, and games!
    • Me and my friend David are planning to travel there as be both have off from work (Yay Holiday!) If we make it we will have a surprise worthy of a great achievement. DMFlash and Kainz
  • Weymouth, United Kingdom Just outside a place called Abbotsbury, looks a tad inaccesible due to being out in the middle of some un-public-looking fields. Anyone with inside information of Abbotsbury and the surrounding area is encouraged to post, otherwise, if there's a pub in said Abbotsbury, that'll do!

Tuesday 27 May 2008


West of -30°: 0.20967755786283662, 0.10144168461237785
East of -30°: 0.12536718896775, 0.577110915397159

The first day the 30W Time Zone Rule is in effect. These coordinates became available east of -30° on Friday 23 May by combination of a Dow holiday (Memorial Day) on Monday 26 May and the new 30W Time Zone Rule, which posits that Tuesday's open would come too late in the day for eastern longitudes.


Wednesday 28 May 2008


West of -30°: 0.6874508850272152, 0.21220759334309575
East of -30°: 0.7104414955290416, 0.11273220876887029


Thursday 29 May 2008


West of -30°: 0.4647015535871903, 0.0341244048140951
East of -30°: 0.2783266160961512, 0.7411420442829273


Friday 30 May 2008


West of -30°: 0.8531025811716042, 0.2446021959360299
East of -30°: 0.3227205387098275, 0.7045834347042035

Arrow4.png Note: The above coordinates are indeed correct. The coordinates for west of -30° were originally disputed due to an error in the reference implementation fetching Dow data for Friday 30 May. If you still have concerns, direct them to Talk:2008-05-31.


  • 2008-05-30 Helsinki, Finland - Successfully reached by isani at approximately 15.30. A beautiful forested area next to a road and a lake. A patch of wild flowers and summer cottages nearby.
  • 2008-05-30 Melbourne, Florida - Sadly, the error from the map tool has struck and we once again find that our location is many miles offshore. At least Sunday looks to be in (or near) a swamp!
  • 2008-05-30 Munich, Germany - zb went and tried to get there around 8:30p. Got drenched in rain and got drenched again from the wet leaves and branches in the forest while trying to find the spot. Missed it by about 100 m. Nice long bike ride, but no luck in findig the location. No one else seems to have been stupid enough to go in this kind of weather.
  • 2008-05-30 Providence, Rhode Island - Unsuccessfully attempted by Patrick. Located in private property off Route 44 in Rehoboth, MA.
  • 2008-05-30 Singapore - Successfully reached by r0d3n7z at approximately 17:00 SGT. Couldn't gain access to the secured compound, but managed to get pretty close.
  • 2008-05-30 Atlanta, Georgia - Conveniently located at the end of a road to an office park. Successfully reached around 23:30 EDT. Took pictures.
  • 2008-05-30 San Francisco, California - The nearest point not on private property was reached and photographed by Relsqui at 7:00pm PDT.
  • 2008-05-30 Denver, Colorado - Mike made it to the location after 9pm. Quite a journey! Took more than 2 hours and involved trains.

Photo Gallery[edit]

Add your own photo for Friday 30 May

Saturday 31 May 2008


All locations: 0.0374870832648067, 0.2812664767643918

Arrow4.png Note: The above coordinates are indeed correct. They were originally disputed due to an error in the reference implementation fetching Dow data for Friday 30 May. If you still have concerns, direct them to Talk:2008-05-31.


  • 2008-05-31 Denver, Colorado - 10 people, easy location for NW graticule. 5 went to dinner afterwards, mostly frisbee and GO.
  • 2008-05-31 Edmonton, Alberta - Extremely rural location in the middle of a sod farm. Nice day, no meetup.
  • 2008-05-31 Paris North, France - Geohash successful within 10 or 20 meters, meetup missed by more than an hour. But I will keep trying!
  • 2008-05-31 Aurora, Illinois - Brett detoured to the coordinates while on his way to Chicago. He was unsurprised to find no one else there since he arrived half an hour late and the coordinates were far away from... everything.
  • 2008-05-31 Encinitas, California - Successful geohash expidition in Carl's Jr parking lot. No one else there except someone sleeping in a car in the parking lot.
  • 2008-05-31 Madison, Wisconsin - Really in McFarland, in an unfinished industrial park off Marsh Rd. Total of five of us in two cars. Hopefully the others will post their pictures.
  • 2008-05-31 Nashville, Tennessee - In the middle of a cow pasture. Successfully reached at 3:50pm local time by Pieater and no one else was there. Waited about half an hour and had a picnic with my wife and puppy before the cows infringed on the meet-up point.
  • 2008-05-31 Fresno, California - Successfully reached by Meggers
  • 2008-05-31 Columbus, Ohio - In the middle of a field. Very nice breezy day, with pop-up storms nearby. Very nice day to go for a walk, dodging last year's corn stalks.
  • 2008-05-31 Frederick, Maryland - Unsuccessful attempt to reach the point by Ciel. Couldn't get closer than 700 feet without trespassing.
  • 2008-05-31 Minneapolis, Minnesota - Successfully reached at 4pm by Joel but there was no one else there. It was an interesting spot and a scenic hike. Older: Seems to be right on the Mississippi. There's a bar near there, Baggans Pub?,3720 E River Rd, Minneapolis, MN. It's 2:31 Central, should be at bar at 3 for warm up and at river at 4 for smoke break.
  • 2008-05-31 Canberra, Australia - Successfully reached by a group. Photos and story attached.
  • Syracuse, New York - Location is in a residential neighborhood in Camillus, near the old Camillus mall. (will show up if others respond),
  • 2008-05-31 Sacramento, California - Location is in a field on the north side of Stockton, between I-5 and CA highway 99.
  • 2008-05-31 Conway, Arkansas Successfully reached by L33tmoomba!
  • 2008-05-31 Cologne, Germany - In the graticule north, 51, 6, Baal, NRW, corner of Güterstrasse and Krefelder Strasse. Kliment was there with food. Noone else showed up.
  • 2008-05-31 Boston, Massachusetts - Just south of a campground area in Foxboro, MA. Successfully reached by two separate groups.
  • 2008-05-31 Chicago/Schaumburg, Illinois - This is the closest graticule out of the four to the city. Not that that necessarily means it is the best.
  • Kansas City, Missouri - In a wooded area between two courts in Blue Springs.
  • 2008-05-31 Harrisburg, Pennsylvania - Lancaster. A bit far.. I plan on going to the Williamsport, PA's hash.-Jon
  • 2008-05-31 Baltimore, Maryland - At the mouth of the tidal Chester River as it meets Chesapeake Bay off Love Point. Could be done with a boat. Landlubbers can meet in the last block of Love Point Rd. where Riverview Rd. jogs. Just the fact that the nearest land is called Love Point should be of interest to xkcd fans in search of love. Dan
  • 2008-05-31 Los Angeles, California - Nearby to USC. It is right on (or under) the 10 Fwy.
  • 2008-05-31 Springfield, Massachusetts - I'll be there at the meeting time. I'm stopping at Brattleboro on the way. If anyone else is going, let me know!! chrisinajar
  • 2008-05-31 St. Marys, Pennsylvania Although I had planned to hash the State College area, I'll be going to this one.
  • State College, Pennsylvania - This one is waay too far from me, but...
  • 2008-05-31 Williamsport, Pennsylvania - Successful. We were in amish country (not surprising in PA) However the field was right next to the public recycling point, so Jon and Frank met Clint with family and friends. Went to the state park a few miles off.
  • 2008-05-31 Rochester, New York - Location was very reachable -- between Macedon and Palmyra, ESE of Rochester -- and reached successfully by five of us! Exact location was on a vacant farm lot, with nearby swamp puddle and awesome treehouse! Click link for pics. danierrr
  • 2008-05-31 Portland, Oregon - Actual location is in the middle of nowhere.
  • Melbourne, Florida - nurbles is bummed out because the new (corrected) location is several miles offshore and he doesn't own a boat. detzold is also bummed and has canceled the party!
  • Toronto, Ontario - Actual location is unfortunately somewhere halfway from St. Catharines to Welland. UPDATE Why don't we use Friday's spot? It's located in a sand trap in a golf course in Markham.
  • Melbourne, Australia - paritybit Will be in the SOUTH EAST Melbourne graticule with a group of 5-8 around 3:30pm or so.
  • 2008-05-31 Cambridge, United Kingdom - New location seems to be on the middle of a field near Safron Walden, could meet at the corner of Ashdon Rd and Butlers Ln which is 500 Ft away?
  • 2008-05-31 San Jose, California - A mile south of Hwy 152, on a ridge with an existing fire road.
  • 2008-05-31 Muncie, Indiana - In the middle of Summit Lake, in a section marked "No boating" by the DNR. Old location was near the Mississinewa reservoir, so we'll be going there to play disc golf as originally planned, around 3pm.
  • 2008-05-31 Surrey, British Columbia - Between two houses in Abbotsford. People from Vancouver should use this graticule again, since the actual Vancouver one is over the water. UPDATE: Successfully reached by four people (see the page for more details).
  • 2008-05-31 Winchester, Hampshire, United Kingdom - We'll be meeting at the Percy Hobbs pub close to the geohash coords at around 3. We'll bring games. See You there! -- SinJax
  • 2008-05-31 Manchester, United Kingdom - Location almost reached, to within 10-20 yards. The area was so beautiful I didn't want to leave. Tommy 01:48, 1 June 2008 (UTC)
  • 2008-05-31 Christchurch, New Zealand - Location is in the middle of nowhere! Lovely tussock highland in the Lees Valley. 2 1/2 hr drive mostly on gravel roads, followed by a 1 hr hike.
  • 2008-05-31 Cincinnati, Ohio - Looks like a beautiful location for a meetup: southeast of the city, an undeveloped field just outside an exurban residential community. Pity I won't be able to make it - enjoy, hashers! - Danny
  • 2008-05-31 Sudbury, Ontario - Located roughly 80km south of the city, near Killarney Provincial Park. We're going to head there for 4pm. Exact site is 1.8km south of the road. Worst case, we'll just stay on the road, but we might walk into the bush. No FRS radio, but I will have a 2m HAM radio on 146.520 simplex.Dtompsett
  • 2008-05-31 Munich, Germany - successfully visited by User:Abunai
  • 2008-05-31 Ottawa, Ontario - Two of us turned up and took pictures of a field in Winchester Springs. Didn't see anyone else. Still, saw some country we wouldn't have otherwise.
  • 2008-05-31 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Successfully reached by Kelly and Emily. Location was up a wooded hill then in a clearing next to the edge of private property. No others showed to either the location or the starting point.
  • 2008-05-31 Lexington, Kentucky - Successfully reached by Steven and Erin. Location was just of Interstate 64 between Lexington and Winchester, near a trailer park. No other geohashers located.
  • 2008-05-31 Dothan, Alabama - Located about 200 yards south of Alabama highway 53, about a mile and a half east of the highway 55 junction, outside town of Cottonwood, AL. Located on private property - took a picture from the road. Hour and a half motorcycle ride to get there. Nice countryside. No one else located. Munkee
  • 2008-05-31 Reno, Nevada - Located in very rugged ranch land northwest of Yerington. Paveman went as close as possible via 4-door sedan, hiked up a nearby hill, and snapped photos. Gorgeous vistas, but the official location required rock climbing gear. No other geohashers located. Paveman
  • 2008-05-31 Eugene, Oregon - Right behind the baseball stadium at Western Oregon University. Just a tiny bit north and Haschel Cedricson could have gotten the first Couch Potato Geohash.
  • 2008-5-31 Fayetteville, Arkansas Made it to the intersection of Little Elm and Richards...
  • 2008-5-31 Richmond, Virginia Shoofle, Paul, and Julie met way out in Suffolk County in a field.

Photo Gallery[edit]

Add your own photo for Saturday 31 May