2008-05-24 41 -88

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Sat 24 May 2008 in 41,-88:
41.1266480, -88.5475331

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The location is in front of a house, so we parked just up the road. It was a 60 mile dirt bike ride there and back for us, my dirt bike used almost all the gas just getting there, but somehow made it home, very fun journey.

[edit] Planning


Looks like farmland southwest of Joliet, near Dwight. As intrigued as I am, at $4.15 a gallon, I'm not sure I'd want to head out there without any kind of certainty that there will be others doing it too. If I'm going to end up standing in a cornfield by myself, I'm pretty sure I can find a place to do that closer to home. (unsigned)

[edit] People

My brother and I, after I convinced him to come. We left there a little early, but I have a felling no one else showed up, correct me if wrong!



A barn at about the area of the location.
Looking South on a very pretty day. ( The exact Geohash location is just up this road a bit. )
North, from whence we came.
Our dirt bikes.