2008-05-30 48 11

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Fri 30 May 2008 in 48,11:
48.3227205, 11.7045834

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  • zb went by bike and tried to get there around 8:30p. Got drenched in rain and got drenched again from the wet leaves and branches in the forest while trying to find the spot. Missed it by about 100 m after riding 34 km. Nice long bike ride, but no luck in findig the location. No one else seems to have been stupid enough to go in this kind of weather. The spot was right under the departure flightpath of the airport's runway 26 L. It seems like the planes took the South turn even steeper than usual to avoid a storm cell just west of the airport. There were some big A340s. Went on to the airport, where there's a nice bike lane running right through the middle. I then saw another huge storm cell that was North of Regensburg, more than 100 km away. It was huge. Total trip: 88 km.