Lincoln, Nebraska

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The Lincoln, Nebraska graticule is located near latitude 40, longitude -96. It is primarily land, and includes most of the Lincoln metropolitan area, as well as Beatrice, Crete, Syracuse, and Waverly. It also includes a large amount of rural farmland.

Notable Dates[edit]

Spike, Brittany and Michelle earned the Virgin Graticule Achievement
by being the first to reach any hashpoint in the (40, -96) graticule, here, on 2008-05-22.
2008-05-22 Lincoln3.jpg
2008-05-22: First visit to target coordinates by Spike and crew.

2008-05-24: 40.126648°, -96.547534° A forested area east of Wymore. As the coordinates were so far south of Lincoln, the team embarking from Lincoln successfully reached the West Omaha coordinates instead, a field in the middle of nowhere.

2008-05-31: 40.037487°, -96.281267° A field northeast of Summerfield, KS, close to the southern Nebraska border. Again the coordinates are very far south of Lincoln, so the West Omaha coordinates seem like a more viable option.

2016-06-28: Globalhash at 40.340668°, -96.411929° - A farm field about an hour south of Lincoln, just off of US 136.

(Also place any dates with significant visits here)

Daily Locations[edit]

2008-05-21: 40.179467°, -96.861537° A rural field southwest of Beatrice.

2008-05-22: 40.972874°, -96.238697° A field just south of the Platte River, near South Bend.

2008-05-23: 40.400246°, -96.722772° A field north of Pickrell.

2008-05-24: 40.126648°, -96.547534° A forested area east of Wymore.

2008-05-31: 40.037487°, -96.281267° A field northeast of Summerfield, KS, very close to the border of Nebraska and Kansas.
(Henceforth only Saturday locations will be placed in this section.)

Local Geohashers[edit]

  • Spike actually goes to school in Iowa, but will go when he's back, whenever that is.
  • Ellusia will try her best to be at locations without trespassing on farmland.
  • Aedryan just created a facebook group for geohashing in this area.