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Thu 29 May 2008 in Gliwice:
50.2783266, 18.7411420

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50.278326N 18.741142E

The place is located in Sośnica, an eastern district of Gliwice. According to Google Maps it is some kind of rail yard. I was not sure if it is still used and if it is accessible.



As the site was too far to reach it on foot and as I am not allowed to bike, I planned to took a bus to get to Sośnica. As soon as I get off the bus I noticed a path in the approximately right direction, so I walked there. The path have soon disappeared in a grass, then another appeared. I have soon reached the abandoned and partially devastated rail yard. I had to walk about a kilometer through this rail yard until I get to the hash point.

Although most of the terrain was grass, stones and rails only, at the exact geohashing coordinates there were some bushes, so I missed the point a bit, but no more than five meters (it is about my GPS accuracy anyway).

Near the site the rails have been already stolen by some scrap metal thieves (it is a bit strange, that there are still a lot of rails on the other parts of the yard), but not everything has been stolen. Even some old coal carriages are still there.


Pictures made with my poor skills and my cheap cellphone...