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Today's location: not yet announced

The Indianapolis graticule is at latitude 39, longitude -86. This graticule includes most of Marion County, as well as Bloomington, home of IU. It also has all of Lake Monroe, which is the largest lake in the state.


2010-06-28 39 -86 -- In Smithville, about three miles south of Bloomington, a few feet off Fairfax Rd. Erik showed up late at night.

2010-01-23 39 -86 -- In a neighborhood on the east side of Indianapolis. Kira and Erik stop by on their way to CostCo. They were beat to the location by the Indianapolis Fire Department.

2009-11-19 39 -86 -- In the Wilson Sports Complex, near the tennis courts. As this is ridiculously close to their home (but just 77 meters too far for a Couch Potato Geohash honorable mention), Erik and Kira make a quick visit. Also their geocaching friend Mouse! stopped by.

2009-11-06 39 -86 -- Near/in Moore Creek, about a mile north of Lake Monroe. Kira, Erik, and Duncan try for the Walking on water geohash achievement.

2009-09-09 39 -86 -- In the middle of the street in a suburban neighborhood a couple miles southwest of Bloomington. Erik is going to try and convince Kira to try for a very slow Speed Racer Achievement sometime this evening.

2009-09-09 39 -86 -- User:Djhobby made it to the hash at lunch and followed Erik's advice and earned the Speed Racer Achievement. I'll wait for my award in the mail.

2009-08-10 39 -86 -- In front of a home in suburban Indianapolis

2009-03-28 39 -86 -- On the corner of a golf course in Bloomington

2009-03-17 39 -86 -- A few miles east of Bloomington, on the way to Nashville

2008-09-13 39 -85 -- The 39,-85 graticule's coordinates fell in Indianapolis's northeast suburbs near Fishers

2008-09-06 39 -86 -- North of Indianapolis in the Bridgefield subdivision near 79th and Ditch

2008-08-30 39 -86 -- Near Lake Monroe, 6 miles SW of Bloomington. Kira, Erik, Neeraj and Duncan were there at roughly 4:15pm. Appeared to be technically private property, so we knocked on the nearest house's front door and asked permission before trudging through their "backyard". Much thanks!

2008-06-14 39 -86 -- In the RCA plant's private truck lot. Brett suggested the small field at 39.80772834,-86.03692889, but was not able to make it. Tim was there.

2008-05-25 39 -86 -- The first time an Indianapolis geohash is reached, almost: in someone's front yard.

2008-05-24 39 -86 -- In the middle of the golf course at Bloomington Country Club. (2008-05-24 40 -86 is closer to Indy, and not private property!)

2008-05-23 39 -86 -- North-west of Gosport, in a forest behind a farmer's field. Suso came here on Saturday, but it was on private property. This may be the first one in this graticule to be attempted.

Special Events[edit]

Global hash Sunday June 11th 2017 Global Hash

Erik, Kira, and Neeraj earned the Virgin Graticule Achievement
by being the first to reach any hashpoint in the (39, -86) graticule, here, on 2008-08-30.

Local Geohashers[edit]

  • Eoban might come Saturday if it's anywhere around Bloomington
  • Tim might turn up on a Saturday if it's anywhere near Indy
  • Evan might turn up on a Saturday if it's anywhere near Bloomington
  • Another Evan might show up on Saturday if it's anywhere near Bloomington, and reachable without using a GPS.
  • Eli might turn up if he's off work.
  • Dan might turn up on a Saturday, schedule and good location permitting.
  • Suso might show up if its a Saturday or Sunday and close to Bloomington.
  • Josh might show up if it is in Indy and someone points where the location is.
  • Anthony might show up if it's near Indy on a Saturday or Sunday.
  • Erik might show up if it's near Bloomington on a Saturday or some other day if it's actually in Bloomington (and he remembers to check).
  • Mike might show up unless he gets lost due to the fact that he's using the googlemaps app and not an actual GPS.
  • Kehla will show up from time to time, and if she does, she'll bring cookies.
  • Nick might show up on Saturdays if it's nice out, maybe with a friend.
  • Evan might show up if its near Plainfield
  • Amy will most likely be there on Saturday if her mom ungrounds her. She also might bring a friend, but only if it's not more than a half hour away from Avon/Plainfield area.
  • Zach would like to show up if he can afford the gas.
  • Mackenzie will show up if it's near Bloomington and she remembers to check.
  • Mouse might show up if Erik happens to point out that it is near Bloomington.
  • Alex might turn up on weekends if another point isn't closer
  • Jessi might turn up on weekend if another point isn't closer

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