Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

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Today's location: not yet announced

The Saskatoon, Saskatchewan graticule is located at (52, -106) - (53, -107). It is wholly located within the province of Saskatchewan, and should see lots of expeditions into wheat farms, and maybe some other species from time to time.

Link to the current location.

Planned Activities[edit]

Active Members[edit]

  • mrmanme fully intends to participate from June onwards.
  • Toad008 will irregularly be attending Saturday events.
  • Lemon intends participate but very well may not.
  • TDEnterprises hopes to attend in July
  • tori_oreo would like to go sometime.

Next Co-ordinates To try[edit]

Co-ordinates made[edit]

24-5-8 N52°7'35.93", W106°32'51.11" [1]

Notable Events[edit]

Police pulling someone over just as we launch into the farmer's field. (24/5/8)