Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

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Today's location: not yet announced

The Saskatoon, Saskatchewan graticule is located at (52, -106) - (53, -107). It is wholly located within the province of Saskatchewan, and should see lots of expeditions into wheat farms, and maybe some other species from time to time.

Link to the current location.


[edit] Planned Activities

[edit] Active Members

  • mrmanme fully intends to participate from June onwards.
  • Toad008 will irregularly be attending Saturday events.
  • Lemon intends participate but very well may not.
  • TDEnterprises hopes to attend in July
  • tori_oreo would like to go sometime.

[edit] Next Co-ordinates To try

[edit] Co-ordinates made

24-5-8 N52°7'35.93", W106°32'51.11" [1]

[edit] Notable Events

Police pulling someone over just as we launch into the farmer's field. (24/5/8)