2008-05-31 51 -1

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Sat 31 May 2008 in 51,-1:
51.0374871, -1.2812665

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Heres where we're going: Geohash Location (51.037487, -1.281267). Here are the directions They are silly, they use roads, there are more direct routes :)

I'm gonna be here for this this one, and a bunch of mates from Southampton

we'll bring games and theres a pub near by called The Percy Hobbs (51.061903,-1.259461). Our plan is to meet at the pub at 3pm(ish) then wonder down to the geohash location which is in walking distance! See you there if you plan to go! :)

See you there at around 3pm (ish) tomorrow, later!

-- SinJax

The Meetup[edit]

Yesterday we made our way to this Geohash location.

We met at the pub and had a beer. The beer was delicious. Some geohashers not in my group (but from Uni of Southampton) met us at the pub. They had 3 XKCD shirts on. They were awesome. We drove somewhere slightly closer to the geohash location.

We walked for around 20 minutes in the south downs through some very beautiful countryside in the south of england. Wondering through fields of barley and wheat, hopping the occational fence. Into a public area that was occationally used as a military firing range (!!!). We wondered into a field full of Steer, which im told are where delicious beef comes from, previously i thought that came from she cows! Go figure...

The cows looked initially bemused, later uninterested and preoccupied with grass eating. We also saw a deer.

After the field we walked up steep hill, into the field of the geohash itself!

There we sat for a little and become the first geohashers to Juggle, Diabolo and Smoke very distinguished pipes at a geohash location! Also there was some beer involved (we left no litter)

On the way back we ran down the hill, the cows were not very impressed, we hopped a barbed wire fence(!!!) which cut off 10 minutes from our walk back and luckily no flesh. We talked about machine learning algorithms and the Isaac Asimov's rules of Robotics. We went back to the pub for a swift pint, considered a jumping spider on the bench where we sat, and went home!

People present: AX, d7415, Incanus, SinJax, T

Here are the pics! :)