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2008-05-28 39 -105

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Wed 28 May 2008 in 39,-105:
39.6874509, -105.2122076

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May 28 - I'm Here!
39.687451°, -105.212208°


[edit] Summary

The SW Denver location today (39.687451°,-105.212208°) was reached by one person: Me (Mike). The coordinates were in the Matthews-Winters Open Space Park, approximately 1 mile from the parking lot.

I left Golden around 5:30, arrived at the parking lot at 5:40, and walked up the Red Rocks Trail. Using only a topographic map, I found the approximate spot (within a 7 meter circle, more accurate than a GPS). After a few pictures, I went exploring. Up the hill (West) from the location was a little grave yard, and further up was a No Trespassing Sign. I passed many bikers on the trail (as well as the Park Ranger). After that, I headed back to the crowded parking lot. Got into my car and drove home again.

[edit] Trivia

That graveyard contains one of the oldest known graves in Colorado, belonging to the Rev. I.R. Dean, who died at age 31 on Aug. 12th 1860. The marker reads "I am at rest." There was once a town, called Mt. Vernon, located nearby. (This is secondhand information from a page that no longer exists. I've wanted to check that spot for years. Guess I should start Geohashing! -Karmen)


[edit] Geohashers

Total: 1

  • Mike

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