Madison, Wisconsin

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Marshfield Wausau Appleton
Sparta Madison Fond du Lac
Dubuque, IA Rockford, IL Schaumburg, IL

Today's location: not yet announced

The city of Madison is the hub of the 43, -89 graticule, but the region covers mostly the area to the north. Madison residents should also consider geohashes in the Rockford graticule to the south.

This graticule has a (relatively moribund) Facebook group: Geohashing - Madison, WI. Plans are more likely to be posted here than there, but if you write something there, it will be seen.

Active Hashers[edit]

Info: Perl Programmer in Middleton, aging hippie in Madison.
Bill Minser
Info: Systems Programmer at UW-Madison. Really I live in (42, -89) but I long for the north.
Info: Madison-based computer scientist and backgammon consultant, or vice versa. Spends a lot of time in Tokyo.

Bill and starbird usually go hashing together, generally accompanied by Bill's daughter, The Adjectival Toddler. They always go for pie after hashing, so please join them! You can have pie, too.

Former Greats[edit]

Dan Simanek
Info: Student at UW-Madison, will try to make it to coordinates within biking distance of the campus.
Tom Schäffer
Info: Graduate from UW-Madison, outdoor enthusiast, and Pirate Extraordinaire. Now living and working in the Rice Lake Graticule.