2008-05-30 39 -105

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Fri 30 May 2008 in 39,-105:
39.8531026, -105.2446022

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May 30 - Here, in the dark...


The SW Denver location today (39.853102°,-105.244603°) was reached by one person: Me (Mike). The coordinates ended up on some property near a leg of the Union Pacific Railroad.

I left Golden around 8:00pm (because I didn't find out the DOW numbers were wrong this morning until 7 tonight) and drove North towards Boulder. I arrived at the intersection of HWY 93 and HWY 72 around 8:20 and scoped out the best place to start my trip. I decided to park at one of the gates leading into the UP Railroad property (Gate).

From here, I crossed into the field South West of the gate and walked along an old road. After I crossed a dirt bridge and reached the top of a hill, I checked the map again. However, it was so dark by that time, I had trouble making out any prominate features. Using only the topo map from Google, I walked around the base of a giant hill until I hit the spot I believed was the location (around 9:15pm). Took a few pictures (mostly me or the ground at my feet) and then climbed the big hill until I reached the train tracks on top.

I then followed the tracks until I got back to the car. I had to stop and hide under a tree while two trains passed each other. I also decided to place a penny on the tracks for the second train to flatten. When I reached my car, another train passed by, following the tracks under the road, approximately 100 ft from my car. By this time, it was just after 11, so I crawled in my car and drove home.


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  • Mike