2008-05-31 34 -118

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Sat 31 May 2008 in Los Angeles:
34.0374871, -118.2812665

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The actual point was in a self-storage place under the 10 Fwy, or alternately was on the 10 Freeway. At least four people showed up.

Architecturally, that neighborhood is interesting, because it has some pre-world-war-one housing, which is uncommon in LA.

(If no one has pictures, I'll return later and take some for the record. -- Mike)

Ahem. Those showing up at 4pm sharp may want to hang around for a bit to meet those of us underestimating trafic and getting there, say, 25 min late. I took a few pics; will post when I get home. --IlyaHaykinson 00:22, 1 June 2008 (UTC)

Was a bit of a bust. I think it had something to do with the location. I'm Adam, the white guy in the red overshirt, and whoever that was in the SUV: if you'd waited another 5-10 minutes, you would have met at least Mike! Ah well. -- Adam

I did a drive-over of the map coordinates at an altitude of about 50 feet (i.e. on the 10 Fwy) at 3:59PM. (Can we get a rules committee adjudication as to whether this constitutes successfully reaching the spot?) Afterwards, I circled back and entered the parking lot of the storage facility and I said hello to Adam as I exited (I'm the SUVer). I looked for someplace to park in the area but gave up on that. So, call this the first "drive-by meetup," or maybe "meetup, L.A. style." --Bill

Planning Information[edit]

  • If you go by the coords on the main page you get a location right on the 10 freeway, near the intersection of Union and 20th, by USC. [[1]]
  • Mike suggests that meeting on the 10 fwy might be a bad idea.
  • Daniel notes that it seems there might be an area beneath the freeway that is safely accessible (although he regrets he will not be able to make it because of a prior commitment). However, upon closer inspection (Google Maps Street View), he realizes that it is a fenced-in area, apparently a self-storage facility[2]. It seems the only solution is for someone to figure out which storage unit is located at the exact coordinates, rent it out, and hold a party inside it.
  • We might be able to convince the owner to humor us by letting us walk around the facility, if we can convince him that Geohashing is legit and non-destructive 03:10, 31 May 2008 (UTC) Looking at it, there seems to be a specific unit under the marker, as opposed to there being a road there, but I'm not sure. Hopefully we can at least get whoever is running the facility to humor us with a tour! Hopefully at least one of you can speak spanish, as it's a definite possibility that whoever is running it is less than fluent in english. 03:20, 31 May 2008 (UTC)
  • (edit) FWIW, Rigo's Tacos (22nd and Union) and Ragazzi Coffee (23rd and Union) are by there. -- Mike
  • SouthLAMike, thanks for scoping out the place but I think you’re missing the point. I feel that Geohashing is about trying to understand the world by exploring a true random sample of it. I already know what a taco place and a coffee house are like. I want to see what the area under the freeway is like today.
  • Fair 'nuff. -- Mike