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 0.972874275358 0.238696518558


Dayton, Ohio -- The coordinates lie in a field just north of the Dayton Airport.


Edinburgh, Scotland -- The coordinates are in a garden between Crewe Road West and Crewe Road North in Granton.

Lincoln, Nebraska - 2008-05-22 40 -96

Melbourne, Australia - The coordinates are just off the Monash Freeway, in the suburb that StJimmy lives in.

Minneapolis SW, Minnesota - 2008-05-22 44 -93

San Diego, California - 2008-05-22 32 -117 - The coordinates are just east of the road El Camino Real, south of the Del Mar Horse Park, on what appears to be private, undeveloped property.

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan - The coordinates are between highway 11 and the South Saskatchewan in the woods. There would be bears, ergo, we will try Friday's.

Seattle, Washington -- The coordinates are 2000ft offshore into Puget Sound, west of Everett, WA. The nearest land location is the end of Forest Park, which is accessible by Pigeon Creek Rd (N 47° 58' 12.77", W 122° 13' 48.78" or N 47.970215, W 122.230217)

Stoughton, Wisconsin -- the coordinates were near a road by Lake Kegonsa state park.

Vancouver area:

  • Vancouver, British Columbia - The coordinates are in a mountain range between Garibaldi and the Chuckchuck Reserve with no roads.
  • Victoria, British Columbia - The coordinates are in the Strait of George halfway along the Sidney-Tsawwassen ferry route. You could get very close to this geohash, in passing, using BC Ferries.
  • Bellingham, Washington - The coordinates are in a large field about 10 km south of Abbotsford and a bit east.

Expeditions and Plans

San Diego, California Somnivore This is the geohash for the San Diego graticule on 2008-05-22. These were the first r...
Denver (SW), Colorado Akedrou 39.972874°, -105.238697° The SW Denver coordinates were reached by User:Akedrou. It is...
Denver (NW), Colorado The-r-gonaut 40.972874°, -105.238697 - User:The-r-gonaut I left about 4pm after the weather calmed down ...
Lincoln, Nebraska Spike The team arrived at the coordinates at approximately 5:00pm local time. Th...
Rockford, Illinois Alric On 2008-05-22, the coordinates in the Stoughton, WI graticule were near a road by Lake Kegonsa...
Minneapolis SW, Minnesota Chris, Abi This meetup was accomplished at 6 PM local time. Attending were Chris and Abi...

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