2008-05-24 -23 -46

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Sat 24 May 2008 in -23,-46:
-23.1266480, -46.5475331

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This graticule is located in Brazil, South America.

This day, the São Paulo graticule geohash was in Atibaia.


We (Juca and Moretti) went to the city by bus (we got the bus at São Paulo) and then walked from the bus station until the spot. When we arrived at the city it was 2pm, then at 30 past 3 we arrived at the spot surroundings. We placed some posters mark the place of the meetup and sat down in front of the house in order to play chess. We stayed there playing and talking until 5pm. Nobody else showed up. But the owner of the house went to talk with us. He inquired us why we had placed a poster in the garbage basket, and we told him it was a meeting. Initially he seemed a little afraid of us doing something wrong in front of his house, but after talking to us I think he figured out we were not criminals.

At 5pm we prepared to go back to São Paulo (by bus) but before, we took a ride in the chair lift of the city. We took some cool nerdy photos there!