2008-05-26 41 -72

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Mon 26 May 2008 in Hartford:
41.6731281, -72.6073080

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Location and planning information from the 2008-05-26 expedition archives page.

[edit] Location

A PERFECT location: Rocky Hill/South Glastonbury.

[edit] Planning

Take I-91 north from New Haven or south from Hartford; take Exit 23 to West. St; turn left @ Route 99/Main St.; right @ Glastonbury Ave. to the Ferry [YAY! There's a ferry, even!!!]; after crossing, you're on Ferry Ln./Route 160; continue to South Glastonbury Center and turn left on Route 17/Main St.; take 5th left onto Red Hill Dr. into a residential dead-end; turn left, proceed to cul-de-sac there; park. Official coordinates are for the backyard of the house directly ahead of you, but for the sake of being nice, I'll be at the cul-de-sac itself. The view from that spot should be amazing, and the ferry ride makes it all worthwhile. 4PM.

[edit] Expedition

The graticule page states that an anonymous user (who was probably Pixel) visited this hashpoint, but did not document the expedition.