2008-05-31 53 -2

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Sat 31 May 2008 in 53,-2:
53.0374871, -2.2812665

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This spot was almost successfully reached - I got to the road and had a very nice chat over the hedge with the person who owned the garden - from this spot I could easily see the target. Unfortunately, she wasn't up for letting an unknown number of strangers stand on a particular spot in her garden, and I wasn't up for criminal trespass, so we left it at that.

The views were spectacular. I didn't get particularly great photos due to only having an aged camera phone with me, but once I've got them onto my computer I'll upload them, whatever state they're in. I then stopped for a steak at the nearby pub, and happily discovered that not only did they serve regular cow-based steak, but also offered venison, wild boar, salmon, reindeer, ostrich, wildebeest, springbok, crocodile, kangaroo, camel and zebra. Yes, zebra steak. In England. As tempting as this was, the zebra steak was only available as part of a £30 African mixed grill, so I opted for the reindeer. I was even happier to discover that it was served on top of a superheated plate formed from volcanic rock, on which I was able to cook my own steak to my liking. This was officially the tastiest and most entertaining steak I have ever encountered. Tommy 01:47, 1 June 2008 (UTC)