2008-05-28 42 -71

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Wed 28 May 2008 in 42,-71:
42.6874509, -71.2122076

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42.6875N, 71.212208W

This hash is located in Andover in the Boston, Massachusetts graticule inside an office park housing, among others, Agilent Technologies at 40 Shattuck Rd in Andover, MA, just off I-93 Exit 45. Perhaps someone can win the coveted Cubicle Geohash Achievement?



I made it within 20-30 meters of the location, which seems to be inside the office building at 40 Shattuck Street. The building is private and has no receptionist, but does have key card access. I didn't try to get in. I built a tiny stack of two pebbles just outside the lobby window to the right of the door -- I contemplated leaving a note, but decided that littering in the service of geohashing is still littering.

No proof, alas -- my camera turned out not to have a memory card in it.

Office parks are not as much fun as actual parks.


Decided to give this one a try since inside a building would add a twist. After parking and assessing the building I took a few readings on the outside to get an estimate on where in the building I needed to be. At one end of the building I met two ladies who were nice enough to let me inside. Once inside I made my way to the center hallway which was approximately GZ. Since I was inside I left no mark but took some pictures.

GPSr in hand outside the location:

Access door thanks to two ladies:
The directory inside:
GZ for Boston on 05-28-08:

A friend of Geekthras[edit]

Unfortunately, said friend did not have any gps-ware, so no super-proof or exact measurements, but there was an office building, a pond, and a pond he says. The pond had geese. He took a picture! As I have no car and this was about 25? 30? miles away, I elected GeekFriend to go (he lives really close).

The pond, with geese: Boston2008.05.028Geek.JPG