2008-05-25 38 -77

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Sun 25 May 2008 in Washington, D.C.:
38.9417749, -77.1828736

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Cerulean's visit:

At 2pm that day, I decided to try bicycling the 12 miles to the site from my apartment. I didn't attend the previous day's hash in Leesburg, but figured that if three people made it there yesterday, some folks might show up today. Within a mile of the hash and only a few minutes before 4pm, my bike's rear tire blew out with a loud bang! Unable to even walk my bike, I shackled it to a nearby lamp post and continued my trek on foot. I reached the hash at 4:45pm, getting within 70 feet of the coords. I lingered in the area for about ten minutes, hoping for someone else to show up to play Fluxx with, or at least to give me a ride home, but no one arrived. I walked to the Metro from there (McLean buses weren't running on Sunday), and got home three hours later. Whew, what a misadventure! (Photos pending)