San Antonio, Texas

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The San Antonio, Texas graticule is located around latitude 29, longitude -98. This area is mostly land, but does include a few lakes. The graticule contains a mix of both urban and country locations.

Current Geohash

Notable Dates[edit]

2008-05-21-First Ever San Antonio Geohash [1]

2008-05-24 First Saturday San Antonio Geohash [2] DragonDeMonsyne attempted to reach point, could not without crossing private property with posted "No Trespassing" signs. Point may be accessible from another direction, tho if anyone wants to try. (Additional note to geohashers: If you use Google Maps to find the closest roadway to hike from to get to a point, keep in mind that in less well-traveled areas, Google maps can be quite inaccurate as far as streets go. For example on this map [3] the entire western extent of Sherwood Forest Dr. towards the point marked is simply nonexistant. Be forewarned. )

2008-05-25 s3g2 attempted but met private property.

2010-01-31 MassiveDynamic attempted but no go.

Local Geohashers[edit]

  • Tradiuz
  • DragonDeMonsyne Attempted 5/24/2008 location, couldn't get there. Mebbe another Saturday.
  • s3g2 resides in Austin, but travels frequently enough to San Antonio to visit geohashes in the area. Tried the 05/25/08 hash, but was located on private property.
  • bluehavana Bah, even Memorial day is a wash. Coordinates in Camp Bullis, although rather appropriate.
  • B33ftink is a Boerne resident, no experience (yet).
  • Quaffer
  • Matye7
  • Rob7030
  • Sean
  • Austin P.