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 0.17946799469778313, 0.8615360124576236

The sport of Geohashing officially launched with the release of xkcd comic #426 on 21 May 2008.

Graticules with Expeditions[edit]

Blacksburg, Virginia -- The coordinates reside in a farm off of VA-42 near Dismal Falls.

Boston, Massachusetts -- The coordinates are in a wooded area to the south of Washington Street (Route 20) near Prospect Street in Auburn, MA. - 2008-05-21 42 -71

Carlisle, United Kingdom -- The coordinates are in the sands of Morecambe Bay, Lancashire. Closest safe location is a beach near a caravan park outside Silverdale.

Chicago, Illinois -- The coordinates are in a farm field to the northeast of Bourbonnais, IL

Houston, Texas -- The coordinates are at the center of the North face of a trapezoidal arrangement of trees, as far from major towns and highways as it is possible to get in this graticule

Los Angeles, California -- The coordinates are at the intersection of Thousand Oaks Blvd. and the southbound CA 23 offramp in Thousand Oaks, CA.

Portland, Oregon -- The coordinates are in a riparian zone near a farm, off of I-5, near Broadacres, OR.

Rochester, New York -- 2008-05-21 43 -77

San Jose, California -- The coordinates are in the mountains of Santa Cruz - 2008-05-21 37 -121

Seattle, Washington -- The coordinates are in the center of a large field at the southern tip of Hartstene Island, which is just north of Olympia.


User:xkcd will attempt to be the first to reach these coordinates in Boston.

User:zigdon will be heading to the coordinate in San Fransisco Eastern Bay area.

Expeditions and Plans

Austin, Texas Shinwa Southwest of Austin.
San Jose, California Relsqui, Zigdon In the Santa Cruz Mountains. These coordinates were located in the San Jose, California grati...
Boston, Massachusetts Randall 42.179467N, 71.861536W These coordinates were south of Worcester, in the t...
Rochester, New York Hic Sunt Laganum About q&hl&qUTF8&ll0.042999,0.069609&t14 Google maps location]Discussion b1...
Carlisle, United Kingdom Nick Taylor On 21st May 2008, the day the algorithm was published, the geohash for Carlisle...

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