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Today's Location: Frederick, MD

The Frederick, Maryland graticule is at 39N, 77W. It contains Frederick, Hagerstown, Chambersburg, and Gettysburg with two interstate highways and many major roadways and with a mountain range cutting approximately down the middle of the graticule. It also contains many of the northern suburbs of Washington, DC along the I-270 corridor. It is one of the few graticules to span 4 US states. It contains portions of Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

Local Geohashers[edit]

  • Connor (Gaithersburg) will go anytime he's able.
  • Jordan and Jake from Gaitherburg are down to experiment.
  • Jessica would love to visit a geohash if any occur in the northern Pennsylvania area of this graticule.
  • Jesse
  • Alexander lives on the western edge of the Baltimore graticule, and so can visit eastern Frederick geohashes.
  • Brian lives & works in this graticule (and has never -cached/-hashed before) but is just as likely to visit Balto & NoVa hashes.
  • Dan lives in the very bottom of this graticule, and will be splitting his time between this graticule and the Western DC graticule, depending on proximity.
  • Kyle lives in this area, and is likely to attend.
  • Becky
  • Derek is always up for a drive, and may see what this is all about one of these days.
  • Jon lives here and will be trying to bike to locations if he feels up for it.
  • Jordan is in Hagerstown, and will do what he can.
  • Lauren is in Silver Spring, and would love to explore.
  • Andrew would be glad to come to a geohash, if there's one nearby (Hagerstown).
  • Samuel lives in New Windsor, works in Westminster, and would love to come to one.
  • TheWoodenRadio is in Columbia, close to the eastern edge of this area.
  • Mike lives & works in the Frederick/Ft. Detrick area, and will eventually have time to participate.
  • Jon E. lives in Silver Spring, and may be up for a meetup if any hashes occur closer to DC.
  • Shawn is south central of this graticule and wants to do a meetup at some point.
  • Frumious lives just south of this graticule near IAD and may show up occasionally if there's a hash nearby
  • Slipknot McGee lives in Frederick.
  • Jim would enjoy a good weekend meetup, if it were close to Frederick (and he had time).
  • Nathan lives in Ashburn, and will most likely attend whichever point in whichever graticule is closest.
  • David and Karen are in Hagerstown, and sincerely plan to get around to going on one of these things soon.
  • Katie lives in the Baltimore graticule, but will attend Frederick geohashes when convenient.
  • Madmaxie lives about 100 feet outside of the graticule, east, in Abbottstown, but would love to head out to Gettysburg, even though he went there every year in school.
  • Ankeet lives at the south edge of this graticule, and really likes the C&O Canal.
  • Rachael lives in the southeast corner of the graticule, and loves to explore whenever possible.
  • Laura lives in Olney, and would like to try this out.
  • Aaron lives and works in the Ft. Detrick area, and is looking to get out more
  • Mike Lives in Columbia - Baltimore gratricule, but finds Frederick lots more convenient

Also see the Frederick Geohash Facebook group.

Daily Locations[edit]

2013-08-10 39.007537°, -77.562269° - Near Beaver Dam Reservoir, in VA. OfficeLinebacker and Alison went.

2013-07-20 39.124354°, -77.180474° - Speed racer achievement in Rockville MD. Middle lane of Southbound 355 just north of 370. OfficeLinebacker and Alison drove through the spot.

2013-07-13 39.646456°, -77.687920° - On the banks of the Antietam River. OfficeLinebacker and Alison successfully reached the coordinates.

2013-07-06 39.062396°, -77.363993° - In the Potomac River near Sterling, VA. OfficeLinebacker and Alison went to the area. OfficeLinebacker swam to the actual spot.

2013-07-04 39.936795°, -77.892255° - Next to a mountain near Mercersburg, PA. OfficeLinebacker and Alison attempted to reach the coordinates.

2013-06-17 39.165456°, -77.035086° - In some woods in Ashton, MD. A friend of OfficeLinebacker reached the spot.

2013-06-04 39.310978°, -77.236554° - Just off Moxley Rd near a path in Monrovia, MD. OfficeLinebacker successfully reached the coordinates.

2013-05-08 39.222820°, -77.785010° - 100 ft west of the Appalachian trail, at the border of VA and WV. OfficeLinebacker and Alison went.

2013-05-05 39.058685°, -77.230839° - Near some giant palace of a house in Potomac, MD. OfficeLinebacker and Alison reached the coordinates.

2013-05-04 39.083122°, -77.523596° - In a mowed track under some power lines in Leesburg, VA. Another live-streamed expedition by OfficeLinebacker and Alison.

2013-05-03 39.158755°, -77.399722° - Near a water tower, gas yard, and some back yards in Poolesville, MD. May be an alien abduction spot. OfficeLinebacker and Alison streamed live video of this successful expedition.

2013-04-12 39.154470°, -77.022377° - In a field in Ashton, MD. OfficeLinebacker successfully reached the coordinates.

2013-04-07 39.535403°, -77.108067° - In a field near New Windsor, Maryland. OfficeLinebacker and Alison went.

2013-03-29 39.457021°, -77.747931° - In front of 101 Antietam St in downtown Sharpsburg MD. Possible to do a Speed Racer achievement. OfficeLinebacker reached the spot.

2013-03-27 39.535702°, -77.107431° - In a thicket near a quarry in Westminster, MD. OfficeLinebacker made it.

2013-03-26 39.360181°, -77.062879° - Right next to a bridge over a stream in Mt. Airy, MD/Lisbon, MD. OfficeLinebacker reached the coordinates.

2013-03-25 39.010882°, -77.574430° - About a hundred feet off Evergreen Mills Rd in Leesburg, VA. OfficeLinebacker went.

2012-03-31 39.610978°, -77.706809° - Right inside a stone wall in quaint Funkstown. Found a geocache about 400 ft away. Excellent first time out for both.

2011-05-30 39.117876°, -77.639301° - Midway between Leesburg and Purcellville, on State Route 77. Travis Low and his daughter reached the spot.

2009-07-02: 39.003370°,-77.068818° - On a residential road, next to a really cool nature conservation center. Rachael and Ankeet would like everyone to know that the street number of the house in front of which the hash was located, was indeed "over 9000!!1"

2009-05-16 39.377004°, -77.778541° - In front of someone's house, in WV. Incircles reached the spot.

2009-01-02: 39.131232°, -77.803493° - In a large grassy field surrounded by barbed wire with mountains in background and a frozen pond. Found raptor carcass.

2008-08-16 39.335135°, -77.612177° - At the edge of a field near Brunswick, MD. Katie and Justin showed up.

2008-08-09 -77.058595° - Next to the parking lot of a Moose Lodge. Chuckrex and an adventurous family of four (forgot name) showed up. In woods very close to a house ruin.

2008-07-16: 39.458701°, -77.438995° - Near the corner of Yellow Springs Road and Christopher's Crossing on the north side of Frederick (great park and ice cream shop nearby).

2008-06-28: 39.65811°, -77.365635° - Coordinates located just south of Emmitsburg MD along Rt 15 in a field.

2008-06-21: 39.979317°, -77.613963° - Coordinates located at another farm near Green Village and Scotland in PA.

2008-06-16: 39.401592°, -77.189482° On Ridgeline Drive, near Mt Airy. It was raining when I was there. TheWoodenRadio - mike

2008-06-14: 39.806746°, -77.038887° Changed to 39.80550301, -77.04019904, along Centennial Road on the outskirts of Hanover.

2008-06-07: 39.501784°, -77.114371° - Coordinates located at a farm between Westminister and Route 40.

2008-05-31 39, -77 - Again, likely the best location for the DC Metro area. The point lies in a wooded area a few hundred feet from the Potomac. Dan will be at the end of River Park Ln at 4:00 (tennis court is probably private).

2008-05-24 39 -77 - Saturday's best location for the DC metro area lies in a subdivision in Leesburg, VA. Seems to be in a fair-sized complex of row-houses.

Kyle, David, Jillian, and Dan earned the Virgin Graticule Achievement
by being the first to reach any hashpoint in the (39, -77) graticule, here, on 2008-05-24.

2008-05-22: 39.972874°, -77.238697° Coordinates located near Bendersville, PA.

2008-05-21: 39.179467°, -77.861537° Coordinates located along the Shenandoah River near Charlestown, WV.