2008-05-31 43 -77

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Sat 31 May 2008 in 43,-77:
43.0374871, -77.2812665

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It's reachable, and in Macedon/Palmyra, just ESE of Rochester.
Coordinates: (43.0374870832648067, -77.2812664767643918).
2008-05-31 43 -77 coordinates
also: Google Maps Link for 2008-05-31 43 -77
...which puts it south of Macedon near the end of a cul-de-sac.

Location reached - more details and pictures from home. --DavidF

The location was reached by 5 people. Since the actual site was on a "posted" (no trespassing) empty lot that was up for sale, only 3 people went out for the brief trek. En route to the location, we came upon a treehouse/deer lookout. When you find something like that, there is only one thing to do: climb it! The group went out to a local diner for milkshakes and food afterwards.

Who Went[edit]



  • Anyone have a portable chess set or something? -Cogit0
  • Yessir, I'll bring a (cheap) chess set and a standard deck of playing cards! My chess rating is like 900 though. Hehehehe. -danierrr
I always have playing cards and can bring poker chips. --DavidF
  • Anything around Macedon/Palmyra to do? Eastview Mall (*naive*)?

Pics (since it did happen)[edit]

All the pictures danierrr took are on his Facebook (Daniel Rasheed), and distributed via e-mail :)