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 0.4002468981550087, 0.7227718731909889


2008-05-23 in Boston, Massachusetts graticule -- The coordinates in Boston are on the edge of a large, sandy region next to the Wachusett reservoir, which Randall may attempt to reach if only to figure out just what it is. Perhaps part of a tree farm?

2008-05-23 in Malone graticule -- Glub, glub, it's a scuba meeting for us.

2008-05-23 32 -117 in San Diego, California graticule -- Craig has no boat, no scuba license, and no underwater camera.

2008-05-23 in Ottawa graticule -- We claim this residential parking lot and backyard in the name of XKCD...about 4 blocks from the workplace. Video camera footage to appear on youtube soon.

2008-05-23 in Puerto Rico graticule -- Today's location is only 6 miles from the Arecibo Observatory!

2008-05-23 in Schaumburg, Illinois graticule -- Is in the front yard of an antiques store!

2008-05-23 in Tucson graticule -- Right in the middle of the catalina mountains. Interestingly though, the location happens to be right at the trail head of Palisade Trail on Organization Ridge, with paved road access ending right at it and apparent parking nearby as well. [1]

2008-05-23 Austin, Texas -- Reached by Sigma.

2008-05-23 Amsterdam, The Netherlands -- Reached by Niels.

2008-05-23 in Spokane, Washington graticule -- In a farmers cow pasture not far off Interstate 90.

Baltimore, Maryland - 2008-05-23 39 -76

Mansfield, Ohio - 2008-05-23 40 -82

Expeditions and Plans

Austin, Texas picture:, Sigma, hahaha! i know the owner of th in Austin, Texas is located in the parking lot for IBM and The Domain.
Baltimore, Maryland MOE37x3 A suburban mansion development in the woods. MOE37x3 visited at 16:35 EDT,...
Mansfield, Ohio Thomcat/Virgins Rattail, Sandy, and Butters made an expedition to the point of May 23, 2008...
Boston, Massachusetts Randall 42.400246N, 71.722772W This hash is located south of Clinton in the Boston, Massachusetts about...
Schaumburg, Illinois Virginia 42.400246°, -88.722772° These coordinates were reached by Virginia late in...
Ottawa, Ontario Someone went Reached by (?) Youtube video here.
Spokane, Washington Thomcat This hash is located near Tyler, WA in the Spokane graticule in a farmer's ...
Amsterdam, Netherlands Niels Friday afternoon after work, the geohashing location of graticule (52,4) wa...

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