2008-05-31 53 -113

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Sat 31 May 2008 in Edmondon:
53.0374871, -113.2812665

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53.037487°, -113.281267°


Extremely rural location a few kilometers northwest of Wetaskawin. Actual point is in the middle of a sod farm field just to the west of Range Road 233.


Matt B.

Keri B.

Nicholas B.

Geoff B.

Adrian H.



I was disappointed that I was not able to attend last weeks geohash, but excited that people did actually show up. I organized a family outing to this weeks location. Two cars, a box of Banana Oreo cookies, 2 boxes of Bears Paw Brownies, Peach and Orange juice, and two frisbees. We departed Edmonton at approximately 2:30pm heading south on 50th street south through Beaumont. As we left it started raining and looked pretty grim. We followed Highway 814 all the way south until it dog-legged east. At that point we followed the gravel township roads and range roads in a step down pattern to the southeast. A distinct curve in the road visible on the google map let us know we were in the right place (many of the roads in that area are not on the map). We arrived at the geohash location at approximately 3:30pm pulled over to the side of the road. Two beautiful dogs at the farm house on the opposite side of the road went crazy for a while... I don't think they get many visitors. The weather at the geohash was beautiful - sunny with a bit of cloud and a nice breeze. We sat around, ate cookies and brownies and tossed the frisbee for a while. We got excited when a few vehicles showed up, but they were just locals. At 4:15pm we decided to head back home. Hopefully there will be a meetup next week if the location isn't too rural.


2008-05-31 Group Pic

2008-05-31 Location

2008-05-31 Guys

2008-05-31 Frisbee