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Bellingham, Washington

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Today's location: not yet announced

Today's Location: [Bellingham, WA]

The Bellingham, WA graticule is at latitude 48, longitude -122. It completely encloses the cities of Bellingham, Mt. Vernon, Marysville, Anacortes, as well as the several of the San Juan Islands. The graticule is roughly half water, and contains several islands.


[edit] Achieved Geohashes

2013-10-12 48 -122 -- Rex crossed over from Surrey to grab a holy hash.

2012-08-19 48 -122 -- P4r4digm and friends reached their first non-Seattle graticule hashpoint!

2012-04-06 48 -122 -- Michael5000 brings a sister and two nieces for his first hash of the Bellingham graticule.

2012-04-05 48 -122 -- Pearldog earned his first geohash by foot/bicycle in a parking lot near the Bellingham train station with a non geohasher friend.

2011-09-19 48 -122 -- relet visits Mt. Vernon.

2011-07-19 48 -122 -- Thomcat stops by on his way to Canada.

2009-05-03 48 -122 -- Robyn & Rhonda logged a spot next to a raspberry field near Guide Meridian Way.

2009-05-02 48 -122 -- Robyn & Rhonda earned the first Camping geohash achievement at Silver Lake Park.

2009-04-16 48 -122 -- thepiguy, Robyn, Rhonda and Kristie met at the geohash, and all but Kristie did an extremely nice write-up about the expedition.

2009-04-05 48 -122 -- Robyn by bicycle in a back lawn in the middle of Lynden.

2009-03-13 48 -122 -- Robyn in a car just east of Bellingham.

2009-01-31 48 -122 -- Awaiting expedition report

2008-11-25 48 -122 -- A vacant house in Marysville, not far from the Hot Rod barber shop.

2008-10-25 48 -122 -- At the end of Boe Rd., a few miles south of Stanwood, and near the mouth of the Stillaguamish River.

2008-10-11 48 -122 -- Just west of Arlington and right off the highway.

2008-10-09 48 -122 -- Just NE of Marysville, not far from I-5, and on the street.

2008-09-27 48 -122 -- Between Lyndon and Everson. Robyn visited alone.

2008-08-27 48 -122 -- Smith Island, between Steamboat Slough and the Snohomish River, just north of Everett.

2008-05-31 48 -122 -- Possession Sound - did Garyuuko make it to this geohash spot?

[edit] Thwarted Attempts

2010-08-02 48 -122 -- Wenslayer thwarted due to Mother Nature, denying a Birthday Geohash.

2009-03-23 48 -122 -- Robyn thwarted, private property near Custer.

2008-06-28 48 -122 -- failed

2008-06-27 48 -122 -- failed

2008-05-24 48 -122 -- Beach on Whidbey Island.

[edit] Considered geohashes

2008-09-25 -- Near Bryant, just off a powerline access byway.

[edit] Participants

  • Evan
  • Robyn - from the Vancouver graticule
  • Matt
  • P4r4digm - from the Seattle graticule.
  • Stalefries lives in Everett, but will attend WWU in the fall. So I'll be hopping between the Seattle and Bellingham graticules.
  • Thomcat works just south of this graticule, and will visit occasional locations here.
  • Garyuuko Lives in Bellingham, attends WWU. Contact info on user page if theres a good hash I've missed noticing.
  • Wenslayer drives through about 10 times a year, from the Victoria, BC graticule.
  • Pearldog lives in Bellingham and doesn't belong on this list yet but is eager to begin adventuring.
  • Rex lives in Surrey, but often visits all the way down to Seattle or even Portland

[edit] Notable Dates

Thomcat earned the Virgin Graticule Achievement
by being the first to reach any hashpoint in the (48, -122) graticule, here, on 2008-08-27.
2008 08 27 48 -122 thomcat.jpg