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0.1266480113970560, 0.5475331240942810

It was the first Saturday after the algorithm was published, and there was an xkcd meetup at 4:00pm in regions where the coordinates were reachable.


Photo Gallery

Expeditions and Plans

São Paulo, Brazil "Juca" (Felipe Sanches), Rafael Moretti We (Juca and Moretti) went to the city by bus (we got the bus at São Paulo)...
Warwick, Australia TMBomber, Macrocephalic S28.126648° E152.547533° This is the geohash for the Brisbane(Well south e...
Adelaide, Australia Beeawwb, justin, co., kyle, Scott Saturdays geohash for Adelaide chosen using the southern graticule, located...
Tumut, Australia Psud Somewhere
Hamilton, New Zealand InvaluableKiwi The point was located in the middle of a river. With my trusty kayak and pi...
Christchurch, New Zealand Phire, zorg created a new achievement,

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