2008-05-21 43 -77

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Wed 21 May 2008 in 43,-77:
43.1794680, -77.8615360

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These coordinates are located in the Rochester, New York graticule on 2008-05-21, in Spencerport along Colby St.

43.17946799469778313°, -77.8615360124576236°

Google maps location


Location for 5/21/08 looks quite nice! Anyone willing to carpool from RIT? Caroline

No car for 5/21/08, but it's within biking distance of my house! I'd so join a meetup. Sara

This is a pretty easy to get to location, so hopefully we'll see a nice turnout! Cogit0

This would be the spot for Saturday at 4, right? Or for today since it's today's coordinates? (Sorry, I'm a bit slow with this!) Sara
Oops, nope this is the spot for Wednesday. I'll add the date for saturday, but we wont know that one until the DOW closes on friday.Cogit0

I couldn't make it but maybe I will go tomorrow and lie later about the picture I take! ;) Sara

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