2008-05-24 39 -76

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Sat 24 May 2008 in 39,-76:
39.1266480, -76.5475331

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These coordinates were located in the Baltimore graticule on 2008-05-24. It appears to be a house located on 229th St in Pasadena MD. The address is approximately 2471 229th St, Pasadena MD, 21122 (Exact house # unknown).

39.126648°, -76.547534°

At the meetup, small bits of chitchat, as well as a debate about the effects of a sudden reversal of gravity (soon refined to a highly arbitrary, localized reversal of gravity), were exchanged. We attempted to reach the actual coordinates (which were inside somebody's house) but sadly, the owner of the house wasn't agreeable to us romping around his living room.


People who reached these coordinates:

  • Brian and Shannon were barbequing in Odenton (approx. 30 min away) and made a drive by around 7pm. (We opted not to disturb the private homeowners, but did snap pictures for verification.)
  • rejoicingapathy showed up but, alas, her unicycle had a flat tire and was not able to be amusing as usual. She did, however, have awesome pants.
  • Xiagu showed up, and is unsure of what more to write... (sorry for putting this in a week late :P)

4pm EDT[edit]

  • Avagara met up with four other geohashers near the location, which was inside a house in a suburban neighborhood in Pasadena, Maryland. The homeowner answered the door, but was unwilling to let visitors from the Internet inside his house. Worth noting that a nearby street corner was 229th and Outing, appropriate for a geohashing outing.