2008-05-24 39 -84

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Sat 24 May 2008 in 39,-84:
39.1266480, -84.5475331

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These coordinates were located in the Cincinnati, Ohio graticule on 2008-05-24. It was located in the parking lot of an abandoned warehouse in the Western Hills neighborhood of Cincinnati.


People who reached these coordinates:

  • Nick brought a "Warning! Raptor Entry Point!" sign to hang on a electric pole at the street. He also brought carpet checkers for others and loaded up an episode of Battlestar Galactica on the chance that others didn't show.
  • Danny arrived with two others who brought the board game "Puerto Rico" which was played by all four Geohashers for approximately an hour.



  • Omg, that's Puerto Rico! Only the best board game every invented, even better than chess! -Michael from Denver hash.
  • Do you have a photo of the Raptor sign? -Juca from São Paulo, Brazil geohash
  • Alas, I forgot to take a photo of the Raptor sign, and a midnight run back to the location saw the sign missing. - Nick