2008-05-31 46 -81

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Sat 31 May 2008 in 46,-81:
46.0374871, -81.2812665

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46.037487N, 81.281266W

This hash is located near Killarney Provincial Park in the Sudbury, Ontario graticule. The cache is in the woods south of Hwy 637.

No restaurants nearby that I know of... we're out in the bush here! Bring snacks and water.

Weather forecast for Killarney Provincial Park predicts scattered showers(40%), wind w28km/h, 15°C.

Because of the location to the park, parking on the side of the road may be prohibited. Worst case, we'll just stay on the road, but we might walk into the bush. No FRS radio, but I will have a 2m HAM radio on 146.520 simplex

4:00PM Meetup[edit]

The following people are planning to attend the 4:00pm meetup:


We had a nice cruise down the 637, and found a nice place to pull over near some driveways that would have put us directly north of the geohash. Houses were all on the north side of the road, while south appeared to be crown land. We made it a whole 60m into the woods before the bugs got so bad that we bailed out.

Was a nice drive though.