2008-05-27 49 -123

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Tue 27 May 2008 in 49,-123:
49.2096776, -123.1014417

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The location today was on a rooftop parking lot at a Superstore at SE Marine Drive and Main Street.

Successfully Reached[edit]

srs0 and thepiguy reached the site at ~18:00 by public transit. The geohash featured 1337 gas, a tape-measuring contest, and a ridiculously bright sun.

Not quite a lush green paradise, but an amazing first geohash!

(We also aplogise for our lack of Xkcd t-shirts. This was a spur of the moment desision and we wern't quite as prepared as we would have liked)

Retro Expedition[edit]

thepiguy's Expedition[edit]

He went, but I'll leave it to him to discuss his trip. -Srs0 22:34, 30 May 2010 (UTC)

srs0's Expedition[edit]

srs0 was unable to go most of the way to Mission for his second hashiversary, due to having work until 17:00, so he instead visited his original expedition (see above). He left work, as mentioned, at 17:00. He quickly stopped by home to change his shirt and drop off his backpack, and got on the bus at 17:31. He then switched buses to get to the Broadway/City Hall Skytrain station, and then took the Canada Line to Marine Drive Station. He could have taken the bus again, but opted to walk the remaining distance (~1.3km).

At the geohash, he noticed a sign that thepiguy had left behind from his visit earlier in the day. He stopped to take some pictures, and then headed home by the same route.

As an interesting note, he got off the last bus at 19:31. Yes, it took two hours to the minute for the expedition, minus the time walking to and from the first bus stop. srs0 wished that he had checked the seconds when he left to see how close to two hours it really was.