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I was going by bike, but due to a flat tire and lack of adequate equipment I ended up walking much of the time. I took the S-Bahn to Wessling. There's a very nice marked bike trail there. I made a little detour because I was navigating just by GPS heading instead of looking at the map.

As I was zooming in on today's location I passed by a photovolataic power station that's not on Google maps yet. The location itself was a rather unremarkable clearing behind a small hill. Looks like the place is being used by hunters. When I arrived at 5:30; it didn't look like anyone else had been there today. However, I saw a buzzard and heard a woodpecker right there, and saw a deer nearby.

I returned to where I had left my bike, and went back to Wessling station from there. Someone stopped and left me his bike repair kit - wouldn't even accept money for it.


As I was trying to fix the bike, three cows came walking by and watched intently all the while. Unfortunately it turned out the valve was broken, so I still ended up pushing the bike all the way back. I stopped a couple of other cyclists but none had a spare valve with them...

Sat 31 May 2008 in 48,11:
48.0374871, 11.2812665

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