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2008-05-24 -28 152

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Sat 24 May 2008 in -28,152:
-28.1266480, 152.5475331

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Macrocephalic at the Geohash
TMBomber at the Geohash

S28.126648° E152.547533°

This is the geohash for the Brisbane(Well south east QLD - the actual Brisbane graticule ends up either in the ocean or further up north depending on how you play with the whole °s.) graticule on 2008-05-24. This Geohash was choosen as it was almost in a National Park and did not require a boat. Located just on the edge of Moogerah Peaks National park this required a 2KM walk through wooded cattle property. These photos were taken about 20m from the actual Geohash, due to to the actual location being in a gully with heavy lantana.

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TMBomber Macrocephalic