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Hey, I'm Mark. I'm a high school graduate and I am going to California this August, so I'll be switching graticules a bit! I GOT A GPS, TOO! WHOOHOO! No more Google Maps for me! do I get there....*sigh*

Record of geohashes[edit]

06-17-2008 NE Minneapolis Minnesota at 16:24.

06-14-2008 SW Minneapolis Minnesota at about 4 PM--first Saturday meetup!

06-06-2008 SE Minneapolis Minnesota at 13:37. Yes, that is accurate. My apologies for the lack of proof of time and location.

06-03-2008 SW Minneapolis Minnesota at about 2 PM

05-27-2008 NW Minneapolis Minnesota at about 4 PM


MarkTraceur earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (45, -93) geohash on 2008-05-27.