Melbourne, Florida

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Daytona Beach New Smyrna Beach 29,-79
Orlando Melbourne 28,-79
Sebring Port St Lucie 27,-79

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The Melbourne graticule is located at 28, -80, and is mostly dam water (actually salt water). Between the large amount of water, NASA, Patrick AFB, Melbourne Airport, swamps and sod farms, etc. we have precious little actual land in our graticule. On the rare occasion that we do get a point on land, everyone is forced to drop any plans they had for that day and head to the point.

Should a location appear in the water, the meeting point automatically becomes the closest shoreline to the point in question.

Local Geohashers[edit]

DMFlash lives in palm bay, and doesn't want to visit anymore swamps


nurbles lives in Rockledge and wants the bushy tailed rats (i.e. squirrels) to leave his birdfeeder alone!

Frozenmeats resides in Palm Bay, and regards swamps as the height of entertainment.

detzold lives in Rockledge and loves the bushy tailed rats and bunnies that abound.

Solace lives in Edgewater and is afraid of traveling too far by land, but the sea is her oyster.

Kalino lives in Palm Bay and loves the color green.

Quiet lives in Port St. John, and works in East Orlando, and so might visit either graticule.

RFid lives in Merritt Island and would like to avoid getting wet or arrested when geohashing!

Vortexer is a college student at FIT in Melbourne and hopes for many land-based geohashings in the future

Klldarkness currently lives in Cincinnati, but is moving back home to Oakhill, and will be Geohashing in
this Graticule, the Daytona Graticule, and the Mission City Graticule. Hopefully i get to meet some awesome GeoHashers! :D


Today's Location[edit]

[Melbourne, FL]

Successful Geohashes[edit]

Notable Events[edit]

detzold and nurbles earned the Virgin Graticule Achievement
by being the first to reach any hashpoint in the (28, -80) graticule, here, on 2009-01-20.