2008-05-27 30 -97

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Tue 27 May 2008 in 30,-97:
30.2096776, -97.1014417

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This geohash in Austin, Texas is located on the (non-existent) shoulder of east-bound US 290 near Paige, TX. The tall grass, high-speed traffic, and the unlevel and unpaved shoulder made slowing down from 70 to 0 mph the most challenging and dangerous part of reaching this otherwise simple geohash.


  • s3g2 showed up around 6:15 pm. After pulling off considerably from the pavement, I took a few photos of the GPS unit and the surroundings, which were the highway and some farmland on the south side of the road. Due to the danger of the passing traffic, I did not spend long there before getting back in the car. Turning around also posed a small challenge.