2008-05-27 48 11

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Tue 27 May 2008 in 48,11:
48.1253672, 11.5771109

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The location was a backyard of a house near the Isar (river).

Successfully reached[edit]

  • bock reached the spot around 4:30pm by bike. It was very easy to get into the backyard so I went there. No games were played, nothing special happened .( so I left after 10 minutes.
  • zb reached the spot around 12:30pm by bike. I checked out the backyard as well, but there was no one else. Somebody had put a used black suit next to the garbage cans. It was used, but did not look too bad. I stayed in the park in front of the house for a while. Sat on a bench and filled out some forms I was given at a government office that I had been to before. Some local dudes on bikes did something funny while I sat with my forms: They set up a laboratory-style gas stove on a ping-pong table and used it to warm up a pot with Munich's famous White Sausages for lunch.