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Lol-asg.png 29 / m / 42,-72

My name, obviously, is Chris. If you're reading this and currently do not have the a/s/g in your profile, then you totally should. Also, if you're active in this graticule let me know on my talk page or something. Also definitely add yourself to the "Geohashers in 42,-72" category.

  • aim=chrisinajar
  • msn=chrisinajar at gmail dot com
  • Check out the Facebook Group for the 42,-72 graticule!
This is a picture of me at the lake near 2008-06-03 geohash. My mom bought me that shirt from Target. It is very comfortable and enjoyable.

I live in Swanzey, NH. I've been keeping up the Springfield, MA page, and I started a Facebook Group for the graticule. A few people have indeed joined it, more than are on the Springfield, Massachusetts page. I have not yet had an opportunity to get to one of the locations. I really need to get a GPS so that the wooded ones are easier to find.

Geohash Adventures[edit]

  • I'm going to the 2008-06-31 location and I'm bringing picnic supplies. If you're going let me know. Seriously. Couldn't go because the location changed. Darn bug!
  • 2008-06-03 I went to this location. It was in the woods by a large lake. I went with my girlfriend, Pamela, and a friend, Laura. It was a pretty good time, we reached the point and then just sort of wandered around taking pictures, we also drove around taking more pictures.

About the Jar[edit]

I'm a programmer with a photographer girlfriend. She goes on my geohashing adventures with me. I like going on these because they are adventures, she likes them because they make for great photography. I have hiking boots and Rollerblades in my car at all times, they come in handy often.

I recently started the design on a 3D online multiplayer Necromunda based computer game. Once I get more on that I'll put a link in here.