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Home of the Chicken Wing, The Buffalo, New York graticule is at 42 degrees north, 78 degrees west. In the Northwest corner is the Eastern tip of Lake Erie and the City of Buffalo with most of the surrounding suburbs. The Eastern edge is a little past Batavia and almost includes Leroy. The Southern line is the Pennsylvania border and most of the middle is rural; farmland and County/public forests which also includes Allegany State Park and the Southern tip of Letchworth State Park(The 'Grand Canyon of the East'). Overall, Geohashes should land in accessible areas most of the time for enthusiastic Hashers.

Some Villages and towns in the Graticule include Warsaw, East Aurora, Springville, Salamanca and Olean.


[edit] Notable Events

2014-10-01: The hash lands directly on the outfield fence of the Franklinville baseball diamonds.
2014-03-22: The Globalhash was in the Waterloo Graticule next-door to Toronto, but doesn't look like anyone went.
2012-10-10: The Globalhash was in the Corning Graticule and some Hashers were successful.
2012-08-24: The hash lands in a restricted area at a boarding gate of the Buffalo Niagara International Airport.
2008-06-07 42 -78: Bunsen has the honor of the first hash in the area.

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