2012-04-30 42 -78

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Mon 30 Apr 2012 in Buffalo:
42.7189029, -78.0523242

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An Alfalfa Field



Hic Sunt Laganum[edit]

The hash for today was a little outside our weekday driving range, clocking in at approximately an hour each way, but it would be the last hash of the month and most likely the last hash of the week. Angel Food prepped everything up so we could fly down and back after eating. Time shift one hour of driving later and voila we were at the farm house near the point, seeing a farm truck pulling out of the driveway. Angel Food followed it to the stop sign before turning around to ask at the house. Turns out this truck was important as it was the owner of the farm. We started to obtain directions from the couple at the house when the gentleman said "Look, around here if you're not carrying a shotgun into a field people aren't going to worry." So we shrugged and said "That's reasonable" thanked them for their help and walked on into the field (We did check for No Trespassing signs and found none). Mother Nature's love was not quite all encompassing this time as it started to rain as we got to the field. So we did the GPS dance, got our spot, and ran for the car. Thankfully Mother Nature's love didn't open up until after we got in the car and started back up the road.



HicSuntLaganum earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (42, -78) geohash on 2012-04-30.