2015-09-05 42 -78

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Sat 5 Sep 2015 in 42,-78:
42.8501532, -78.6747570

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In Elma, just off Winspear Rd next to a fire Hydrant



After almost a year waiting a year for my first Official Saturday meetup, I get two in a row!

This hash was just over 16 miles so it was within cycling distance and I figured it would take a little over an hour to get there. I got ready to go at 14:45, had my route directions in my pocket if I needed them and I was on my way.

Getting to the hash wasn't too bad. I averaged about 16.5 mph but with a few stops for red lights, I timed it perfectly, arriving just before 16:00. The hash was indeed right behind the fire hydrant but my GPS initially took me closer to the driveway. I got my pictures and being the only one in the area, I didn't wait the extra few minutes for exactly 16:00.

The trip back was pretty rough even with having 2 water bottles. We are in a mini heat wave with the temps in the high 80's and I clearly wasn't hydrated enough. About half way back I felt a few pangs of a headache come and go, and with about 5 miles remaining, I noticed I had stopped sweating. I lost a few mph, but was still in the 13-15 mph range and I was maintaining a straight line so I pushed on. The last mile was killer with my legs going numb and me talking to myself trying to motivate me the last little bit.

I was so glad to get home to a big glass of water and a cool shower. I stepped on the scale just to see and saw I had lost about 5 pounds(2kg+) from the day before...scary.

Lesson learned: Hydrate well before a long ride in the heat. Duh.



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