2015-05-28 42 -78

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Thu 28 May 2015 in 42,-78:
42.8178974, -78.6972230

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In a driveway on Transit Rd, by Cazenovia Creek


This is close to home, so after work, I'll go for a bike ride to the hash. It's half way down the driveway to the hash, but it's on a busy road so I figure I can pull into the driveway 'for a rest' and get close enough to the hash to count it.



I was on my bike around 18:00 with the route to get there in my head. It was simple enough that I didn't need to write it down. The weather was perfect for a ride; sunny but not too hot.

I made it to the hash in around 50 minutes but I had to be careful on the last road as Transit is busy. I passed the hash by about a tenth of a mile and when it was clear, I crossed the road and headed back. I pulled into the driveway which was a lot narrower than it looked on the satellite picture. There was a turnaround in the driveway about half-way to the house and the hash should have been half-way to that which is where I stopped. Looking at my GPS though, it said I was still 40 feet away. On the GPS info page, it was clear that the signal was pretty bad and the accuracy was pretty low. Knowing where the hash was on the satellite view, I am confident I was within 5-10 feet and I really didn't want to do a GPS dance on the front lawn. (I might as well have done this 'No Batteries') I just called it good, got my pictures and left.



Pedalpusher earned the Bicycle geohash achievement
by cycling 27 Miles to and from the (42, -78) geohash on 2015-05-28.