2017-05-21 42 -78

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Sun 21 May 2017 in 42,-78:
42.6624344, -78.9684885

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In the woods, off Rt. 20 in Evans



In the morning, I got up early to participate in the annual Skyride, where we ride bikes over the Skyway, a thruway out of Buffalo. Part of the ride is an additional leg that goes through the city after the Skyway part. It was a good ride, however, as we were riding through downtown, there were a few rumbles of thunder, and the rains moved in just as we hit the Skyway. We got soaked but the rain stopped shortly after and we had a less wet ride for the remainder of the time. They restructured the ride to make it cheaper and in doing so no longer offered food afterwords, but local food trucks were invited. As a volunteer, we got a beer ticket and a food ticket as thanks. I had a breakfast burrito which was tasty.

Heading home, I rested for a bit before taking the dogs to the park for a quick run. The rain was threatening but holding off and I felt bad for leaving the dogs home alone all day. I wanted to let them have some exercise before I left again for the hash.

Finally, getting ready for another bike ride, I headed out and made my way to Rt 20. It was a mostly flat ride and as I got closer, there were some properties that had posted signs and some that didn't. I figured I had a 50/50 shot and as I got to the last block, there were a lot of posted signs. Fortunately, they stopped right before the property where the hash landed. Now I just need to figure out how to push through the thick brush all along the road. I rode a little past while I waited for cars to drive by and where I was able to cross, there was an opening in the brush. There was an old signpost there, but the posted sign that used to be there had fallen off years ago. Getting past the edge, the woods opened up and it was very easy navigating to the hash. With a short GPS dance, I had my first Geohashing Day ribbon!

Just as I started back to my bike and the opening, I heard a few raindrops start to fall on the canopy. The ride back wasn't too bad. It was raining just hard enough that the road was damp, but I wasn't getting soaked.



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