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Thu 26 Mar 2015 in 42,-78:
42.7941278, -78.7734648

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Orchard Park, in a field by Rt. 219



Wiki-Note: Peeron was messed up at this time and the map to the right is not displaying properly nor are the coordinates correct. To verify the hash location, click on the Eupeodes link. Looks like this got fixed.

This was a pretty close hash and near the park where I take the dogs running a lot. The only thing was the bad weather. Earlier in the day, we had rain, snow and a mix of both. I was considering going at lunchtime but it was still nasty out there. I decided to wait until after work to see if things would be better, and at least it had stopped precipitating.

I loaded up the dogs a little after 17:00 and went to Chestnut Ridge for about an hour hike. We mostly stuck to the (still snowy) road, but it was mostly packed down and not at all deep. The woods still had enough snow to get in boots. With the weather the way it was, we practically had the whole park to ourselves.

Getting back to the car, we drove the 10 minutes to the cul-de-sac next to the hash, which was behind the complex of the home of Bryant & Stratton College and some offices. As I got out to let the dogs run free, I looked out toward the hash and saw a small herd of deer. They didn't really take notice of me even though they were pretty close, but I left the dogs in the car as I didn't want to have them chase the deer. That was fortunate, as the 130 meters to the hash was muddy and had a lot of standing water. The dogs would have needed a bath had they been allowed to run around.

I was able to stay out of the worst of it, made it without trouble, and got my pictures.

Being in Erie county today, I have also completed the Tale of Two hashes Challenge I issued 4 days ago when I went to Erie, PA.



This user earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (42, -78) geohash on 2015-03-26.
Pedalpusher earned the Tale of Two Hashes achievement
by meeting the challenge by Pedalpusher to geohash in Erie going to the (42, -78) geohash on 2015-03-26.
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by being the the only hasher world-wide to go on a geohashing expedition on 2015-03-26.

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Buffalo, New York Pedalpusher Orchard Park, in a field by Rt. 219

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