2016-09-04 42 -78

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Sun 4 Sep 2016 in 42,-78:
42.9745667, -78.8890309

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Off Woodward Ave, Behind Innovative Integrated Solutions in Kenmore



Very late in writing this up so I don't remember all the details, but I had no trouble finding the place and being the weekend, I was able to park on the street in front of the building.

Hopping out of the car, I made my way to the side of the building with the train tracks and was pleased to see the grass wasn't too deep and there were no barriers. At the back of the building I saw the tree that was by the hash, but unexpectedly also found a giant shed as well. I hoped that the hash wasn't 'inside' it. I lost some of the signal on the GPS as I was making my way to the other side of the shed so I walked into the open area and recovered the connection.

The area around the shed was quite overgrown so I just got as close as I could without doing much of a gps dance. Satisfied with the reading, I took some pictures and headed back to the car and for home.



This user earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (42, -78) geohash on 2016-09-04.