2014-08-17 42 -78

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Sun 17 Aug 2014 in 42,-78:
42.2306145, -78.1015844

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North of I-86 by Friendship




Part 2 of Pedalpusher's multi-hash attempt at a double-hash. (Here is Part 1) Heading south from the Dunkirk Hash, It's a quick hop to I-86 and should take about an hour and a half to exit through Friendship and get to the closest road to the hash. The hash itself looks to be in a heavily wooded area about .25 miles in from the road. Will probably just take some pictures and head home.


Part 2 of the Multi-Hash expedition starts at the Dunkirk hash and since we were leaving the hash around Noon, I pulled out my lunch to nibble on while we drove to the Buffalo hash. In planning, Google had a detour on I-86 and didn't even show that section of the road on the map. I thought that was weird because I've driven on that highway. It turns out that they were working on the roadway and the whole thing was closed. GOOGLE KNOWS ALL!

Detour navigated and back on I-86, I began looking for our exit as we got closer to the hash(my younger dog was with me, see Part 1 for pictures. Link in Planning section) Now, in planning the route, I didn't have an exit number from Google, but I know this highway doesn't have great signage. Ok, I'll just look for what was on the Google map...For the Friendship exit(which was the town I was looking for) the exit description wasn't what I had, but since Google knew about the detour, I put my trust in what I was given and figured it was the next exit right around the corner. Well. About 3 miles later and passing the hash by about .4 miles, I had to turn around and head back. NEVER TRUST GOOGLE!

So back on the right path, I headed into Friendship and right out the other side...where was my turn? I missed it again! The omens are turning against me. Turning around, I found the semi-hidden turn and made it to the road by the hash which was a bit curvy. Around the last curve, I was expecting forest, but not the houses all along the road. With the houses so close together and most posted, I decided to head home after driving 134.6 miles and getting within .32 miles of a successful Multi-hash. :(



Pedalpusher earned the No trespassing consolation prize
by almost reaching the (42, -78) geohash on 2014-08-17.