2016-08-29 42 -78

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Mon 29 Aug 2016 in 42,-78:
42.9722002, -78.7895459

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On Greenbrier Rd, by the intersection of Meadowstream Dr in Amherst



It's Slow Roll Buffalo day (like every Monday between May and October) and the Hash is in the suburbs of the city. I'll be riding around the East Side of Buffalo helping to keep our ridership safe and then after a post-ride beer, I'll drive up to the hash before heading for home. Should be a really simple expedition since the hash is in the street. Probably won't even have to get out of the car.


Before I left, I realized that on the corner of Harlem and Sheridan was a 7-Eleven within 1 KM of the hash so I decided to make this a GeoSquishy hash too.

The Slow Roll went well despite the last minute changes to the route. The Squad's beer keg was available after the ride, but there weren't any cups around. I didn't want to wait so I skipped the post ride beer this week and headed to the hash instead.

I found my way easily to the 7-Eleven, got my Geosquishy and made my way to the hash. Getting to Greenbrier, I passed the hash and made a U-Turn so I could park on the same side of the street as the hash. I knew where the hash was, but as I've done before, I followed my GPS well past the hash and ended up getting out of the car anyway. It was a simple enough hash dance and I got the necessary pictures.



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