2014-12-20 42 -78

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Sat 20 Dec 2014 in 42,-78:
42.5681008, -78.0412231

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Portageville, in front of the Portageville Baptist church



I have been itching to get out on an expedition for a long time now and I was wondering if I was going to miss December completely. Between the massive snow storm mid-November(we got over 6 feet of snow in 4 days), the holidays and hashes in not great spots, it's been tough waiting for a good one to show up.

When I saw this hash, I was hoping it would be on the East side of the Genesee river, which would put it in the tiny part of Livingston County that is in the Buffalo Graticule. Alas, it was in the middle of a bend in the river where if it was 400 meters either North or South, would have been in Livingston County. Not to be deterred, I saw that it was right in front of some buildings and when I checked out Google Street view, I saw it was a Church making this accessible, and further, so easy to find that I wouldn't need GPS.

I knew I was going to be busy working on the house late morning to early afternoon and I was hoping to have enough light left to take the dogs out too. By the time we finished, it was pushing 15:30 and I knew I had to move fast so I wouldn't run out of daylight. I packed the dogs up and headed out toward the hash around 16:00 and made a stop at the County Forest on Genesee Road. It was a very interesting Pine forest, the likes of which, I've never walked through. I didn't bring my camera due to the cold and I wanted to save the battery for the hash, but I will definitely revisit. We walked until we ran out of light and then headed the rest of the way to the hash.

Getting to Portageville without issue, I found Pike St and the church. I hopped out of the car, got a few pictures and headed back home very carefully. There were a lot of White Tail Deer out by the roads and in the dark, it is hard to see them. Fortunately, we didn't have any incidents and made it home safely where I prepared home-made pizza for dinner.

When I got home, I checked the weather reports and found that the High Temp was 27° F in Portageville for the day. While I don't know the exact temperature it was around 18:00 when I got there, it was definitely a Frozen hash. I am also issuing a Tale of Two Hashes Challenge for Wyoming for this hash as it fell in Wyoming County.



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