2018-04-28 42 -78

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Sat 28 Apr 2018 in 42,-78:
42.9032208, -78.7637380

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Next to Railroad Tracks near Broadway and the Galleria Mall



When the hash-points were published on Friday, I didn't think this would be reachable being right next to the RR Tracks, but I thought I might take a drive over anyway so I pulled up the Google Map. From the satellite photos, it looked like there was a commercial/industrial area with a parking lot right next to the hash but a border at the edge separating the RR tracks. Fortunately, the street-view car drove through the parking lot and around the nearest building and I was really surprised to see there was no fence separating the tracks from either the parking lot or Broadway on the other side.

With a busy morning, I set my alarm for 15:30 so I could be on time for an Official Saturday Meetup. It's been a gloomy day with light rain but there was no traffic getting to the hash. As I was approaching my exit from the I-90, I saw a train start to go over the bridge on the tracks by the hash. I'm not sure which track they were on, but if they were all the way on the right, there were at least a couple Speed Racers under a Curse of Unawareness in the engine car (it wasn't a passenger train). I was hoping it wasn't a long train, but it was moving pretty fast so I wasn't too worried.

Working my way around, I parked in the lot near the hash and walked over with no train in sight. Before crossing the ditch to the tracks, I made sure to check both directions for any sign of an approaching train. With the tracks clear, I had a minimal GPS dance to zero in on the spot. Getting my pictures, I headed back to the car and home.



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