2017-02-18 42 -78

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Sat 18 Feb 2017 in 42,-78:
42.7858425, -78.6326259

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Just off Bowen Rd in Elma



Very similar to the expedition on 2017-01-21 and just down the road from it. We are again having a heat wave with temps approaching 60 degrees (F) and sunny. Going to hike around Knox farm and aim for an Official Saturday Meetup. Depending on exactly how far off the road the hash is, I may take a Déjà vu hash as I drove right by it on the way from Knox Farm to the hash at the end of January.

This will be my 27th expedition.


Just like the expedition on Jan 21st, Knox Farm was very crowded and with the warm weather, very muddy. We again found empty fields to play in though so the dogs got to run free. In one of them, they found a deeper than usual puddle to run through so we stopped there again on the way back to the car so they could clean off some of the mud they had gathered. After walking around the farm for about an hour, we headed to the hash and found a place to park by the corner where an old fruit stand was.

Sitting in the car and waiting for the GPS to pick up a signal, I got a bit concerned when it said we were 0.15 miles away from the hash when I knew it was just across the small field and I could see the hash area. I even got out my phone to double check the hash from the app and I had entered the coords correctly into the GPS. I did only have 3 to 4 satellite signals so maybe it wasn't as accurate as it should have been, but the sphere of uncertainty was only 100 feet. No longer trusting the GPS, I used my phone to navigate to the hash. On the way, the GPS was still significantly off until we reached the hash itself and then both the phone and GPS agreed. Standing just off the shoulder, I got my pictures and headed back to the car. Since I wasn't going very far and was walking on the road, I left the dogs in the car.

As the hash was literally a half step off the road, and since we used this same route to go from Knox Farm to the Jan 21st hash, I'll take a Déjà vu hash for definitely being within the sphere of uncertainty.



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